#100happydays i found this on a door and i like it - day 96 (at Birmingham City University)
#100happydays day 95 really 💜 the print of my new maxi dress (at Weston)
#100happydays day 94 cooling towers  (at Rugeley Power Station)
#100happydays day 93 cool glass of white  (at Weston)
Hazy lazy selfie  (at Weston)
🌄😽🌷🍵👌😄 (at Weston)
#100happydays loving garden after work - sunshine 4ever! 🌄 Day 92.  (at Weston)
Our Science Without Borders students from Brazil have made this cool car  (at Birmingham City University)
My cat looks like a Dark Crystal creature 💖 (at Weston)
Why do flies get lovey dovey near me?! 😍😅