#100happydays day 89 observe  (at Weston)
#100happydays day 88 FEED ME  (at Weston)
#100happydays day 87 lunch in Dunelm Mill yeahhhhhh 😎😂👌 (at Dunelm Mill)
#100happydays day 86 mama do i blend in with gravel?  (at Weston)
Showing our students a very important landmark in Brum (at Tony Iommi’s Star)
The Cube  (at The Cube)
Hallo 🐥 (at The Cube)
Library  (at The Library of Birmingham)
#100happydays day 84 a hot day in Brum with a tour for int summer school 🌄🌄🌄🌄
#100happydays day 84 even better reading when you think of DG from Penny Dreadful 😍 (at Weston)